Monday, 8 September 2014

Commonwealth Industrial Services, Inc: One Stop Shop for Obtaining Industrial Services

Commonwealth Industrial Services, Inc. is a prestigious firm that is based at Hopewell, Virginia and provides efficient industrial services. The main service of this firm that avails them higher amount of profits is the packaging and resale of ammonium sulfate. However, aside of packaging and resale of ammonium sulfate, other means of its income generation are processing and bagging, warehousing, public truck scales and rail reloads. Customer satisfaction is the main priority of this company. Commonwealth Industrial Services Inc has gained big name and fame by providing reliable and effective industrial service to their clients since 1984.

Being a small company, CIS knows well that how much it is important to provide real value to its customer to earn real value in return. Therefore, motto of this company is completely concerned with the fulfillment of customer needs and their corporate philosophy also represents the same. Their corporate philosophy carries efforts to provide complete satisfaction to the customers with their value-added services in order to win the confidence of customers and make them their potential customer. is link for contacting CIS online.

Exclusive Industrial Services of Commonwealth Industrial Services Inc

1.       Sells Ammonium Sulfate: Commonwealth Industrial Services, Inc. does packaging and sale of near about 20,000 tons of Honeywell ammonium sulfate every year. CIS sells its ammonium sulfate to industrial and agricultural entrepreneurs. These industrial and agricultural entrepreneurs further make use of this ammonium sulfate for various purposes like production of cellulose and fiberglass insulation, production of leather tanning, for making fertilizer and as an herbicide adjuvant.

2.       Warehouse and Inventory Management: Commonwealth Industrial Services, Inc is responsible for operating and maintaining numerous warehouses for storing the goods of customers. This warehouse comprised of cinder block construction possessing concrete pads and also includes unsprinkled, sprinkled and rail facilities. Products that were stored usually in this warehouse are lumber, non-hazardous dry chemicals, fertilizers and aluminum.

3.       Rail Reload: CIS also provides the reload facilities for Norfolk Southern and CSXT railroads. At present, Commonwealth is providing reloading facility for transferring of goods like ALCOA aluminum, ProBuilder lumber and aggregates. These all goods were transferred by CIS into Richmond area.

4.       Trucking and Scales: Commonwealth Industrial Services, Inc is providing weighing services to other industrial business near Hopewell area from past 25 years. Weighing scales are available for 24 hours a day and 365 days per year to support the operations of local plant.  

If we discuss Commonwealth Industrial Services, Inc on a whole then it is one of the best industrial service provider company that provides best and valuable services to its customer and do not make them disappointed in any manner. To read more about its efficiency as well as to know the quality of their services, one can go through the testimonials part where feedbacks of clients are available. 

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